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About Us

Our Statement 

At Lewis & Co Furnishings we make statements not just furniture.

We keep it cosy, but always stylish. Netflix and chill? we're here for it. Work from home? we cater to it. Girls night in, power naps, after work solitude. We've lived through the sofa revolution, where living rooms truly became for living in and we made stepping up your furniture  game actually enjoyable. Join our club and make your house a  statement, because fashion is not just for the runway.

This is fashion for your home. And we are Lewis & Co Furnishings.

The Foundation 

Lewis & Co Furnishings was founded in 2018 inspired by Lewis Stephen & Co. A family-led business driven by years of experience in the furniture industry, the Lewis & Co Furnishings brand fast became a popular household name. Over the next few years, the product and business developed into an inspirational success story.


1.) Trends in Interior - At Lewis & Co Furnishings looking good is how we stand out from the crowd. Whether its within our premium aesthetic or embedded in our product design, we deliver everything with fashion statement. So no matter what it is we are doing, we always do it in style.

2.) Connect - Do it Together, building and growing a community is a continual process that helps us stay connected to our staff and customers. Together we share ideas that having lasting impact. We connect our people to our product through cleverly structured collaborations, and in within doing so we make sure we do it together.

3.) Recognition - We want to make sure every interaction with Lewis & Co Furnishings brand is memorable, each customer being treated with priority and care. We always go the extra mile to keep a smile on our customers faces, innovative ideas brought to the market.


We work closely with our factories to support the communities that depend on our industry, we aim to deliver a full transparent manufacturing process and put practices into place to ensure workers and paid correctly and treated in good condition.

Sustainbly Sourced Materials is the heart of our business, we ensure every material added to our products is ethically labelled to ensure we are protecting the environment through creating comfort.

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